As I spend most of my shuffling numbers and statistics like a bored Pai Gow dealer, I find them endlessly satisfying as far as metrics for how I did in my reading.

Here’s my numbers:

As 2017 comes to a close – and good fucking riddance – I will have read 225 books.  While some of those were barely cracking 100 pages and stretched the concept of “book,” others ran to over 800+ pages.  I read approximately 81,445 pages.  That’s a fuckton of pages.  So that means on average, I read 4 books every week, and every fourth week I read a fifth book.  Plus 1 bonus book every three months.

My average book length was 362 pages.  That’s a damn fine number.  My shortest read was Carlton Mellick III’s War Slut at 73 pages.  My longest read was Diana Gabaldon’s The Fiery Cross at 1443 pages.

Richard Kadrey’s The Wrong Dead Guy was my first cannonball finisher.
Joe Lansdale’s A Fist Full of Stories was my second cannonball finisher. (Which is funny.  I actually read a collection called Rare Lansdale. But I couldn’t find it on Goodreads.  So I just used this as a catch-all).
Brian Catling’s The Erstwhile was my third cannonball finisher.
James Rollins’ The Demon Crown was my fourth cannonball finisher.

I’m aiming for another 208 books this year.  I was able to rocket through this many books because I didn’t have to do reviews.  I’m kind of hoping that’ll be the case with the podcast.

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